Mazda6 Signature 2020 vs Mercedes-Benz C250 2018

Mercedes-Benz C250 2018

Two medium sedans with different approaches, but that meet a common goal. One of the Japanese brands with the best perception against one of the most traditional premiums. Two approaches to luxury for about 600,000 pesos. What is more convenient?


NEW – Mazda6 Signature 2020 – $ 584,900

One of the most interesting Mazda products is also one that receives little attention thanks to the fact that everyone now wants, whether justified or not, an SUV. The 6 in its current generation has gradually updated with visual, equipment, and interior modifications, which is a leader among medium-sized profile brands with more volume for its high level of finishes, attention to detail, the interface onboard, ergonomics and even space. Few or no cars for this price offer a better cabin that is also coupled with abundant equipment, covering Head-Up Display and even ventilated front seats.


In its handling, the Signature is distinguished by its 2.5-liter turbo engine that was long expected to compensate for the only mole that had the 6 in its highest versions: the low power. The 228 horsepower and 310 lb-ft very well matched to an agile chassis. Still, the fact that it has not intervened in the brakes causes some conflict if someone wants to take full advantage of the motorway’s motorway energy because in constant use of High speeds may start to pale sooner than expected.


In the end, the extra that provides the most powerful propeller is more a tool to advance in less space or incorporate more easily, not to convert the refined and enjoyable six into a high-performance machine.

Mazda6 Signature 2020


USED ​​- Mercedes-Benz C250 2018 – Approx. $ 570,000

Smaller but more focused on driving, the C250 transcends beyond an emblem when built on a longitudinal engine architecture and rear-wheel drive against the most typical Mazda platform, with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive. In addition to the best weight distribution, the Mercedes-Benz also equips a more sophisticated suspension with a double triangle forward instead of the more conventional MacPherson scheme. This result is accompanied by larger and capacity brakes that, paradoxically, are found in this version of Class C with a less powerful engine than in Japanese.


Being a more stable car, agile and ready for use at high speeds or more complex situations when cornering or stopping, the C250 (with tuning other than a C180 or a C200) lacks the forcefulness of the Japanese in its engine. It conforms to a two-liter, also turbocharged, with 211 horses and 258 foot-pounds, which are partly offset by a seven-speed box faster in operation. The sacrifice is, in the end, the acceleration in a straight line and, due to its dynamic configuration, comfort, because the C will be somewhat more rigid than the Mazda. Another difference is less abundant space concerning the 6 Signature and a better-resolved cabin in terms of driving position, visibility or the graphics of its infotainment system,


The fact that it is a used 2018 model does not make us so upset because the C250 with 9012 led bulb is still under warranty and with the free services for three years that Mercedes-Benz includes, so a unit that has well maintained is not a reason for concern.

Mercedes-Benz C250 2018

Our choice:

Here the choice also depends on the type of use since its virtues are so complementary that it is very difficult to tilt the balance on either side. If you are looking for an authentic premium sedan, the Mercedes is the option to choose because even when the Mazda put to the level inside. Technically the German is complete and balanced, less powerful. Still, ahead stability and his driving in general, that is also part of the cost in an aspirational car.

To all this is added guaranteed time, and the services included for three years have not expired. The key is to find a car without hidden defects. If the primary use is in the city, the Mazda will be wonderful for the newspaper anyway; the only thing is that on the road, do not expect to be able to demand it just like the Mercedes-Benz.

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