Mazda6 2020, what’s new stylish will it give us

Mazda6 2020

The decline of medium sedans does not discourage some of the brands to continue working on their constant improvement. The Mazda6 2020 is just one of the leaders in its niche and a very interesting purchase that has been overshadowed by the wave of crossovers. Here some aspects that we highlight.


1. He has his years

It is clear that it already has more than five years in the market since it came out at the end of 2012. Still, Mazda has not kept identical to the current six but has updated it twice and in-depth, when the normal in the commercial cycle of a vehicle is That only done once.

In 2015, the interior completely removed and visually the most notable was a grill with the contour illuminated with 5202 led headlight bulb technology, in 2018 said ornament removed (something unnecessary in our eyes for a car with a design so well achieved), the interior was further improved, and a turbocharged engine added at the top of the line.

Mazda6 2020

2. More than enough

And we talk about the turbocharged engine. Still, in our eyes, the most balanced and sensible Mazda6 is that of the aspirated engine. Because the car developed from the beginning to use it, it does not add that it got in the way to meet the demand for a specific market. Its performance is still more than enough, and because the turbocharged version at the end did not receive brake adjustments to compensate for greater power and torque.

The 188 horses and 186 lb-ft of the 2.5 four-cylinder moves with surprising ease to this medium sedan and its almost 1,600 kilos, while the consumption is not high or complicated to sustain, with road records that can easily reach 11 km / l.


3. As if it were premium

A section that separates the Mazda6 from almost all its rivals is its interior impeccably designed from the ergonomic point of view. It also stands out for its well-chosen finishes, with high-quality plastics, skins, and moldings. In addition, they were improved until reaching the current version, with a board almost entirely in leather, metals, and real woods, something that would envy any luxury German compact or even more than a medium.

In our case, we are pleased that the accelerator anchored to the ground for a more precise dosage of the force of the engine, that the seats offer a great balance between firmness still yielding enough not to sin hard or that the controls are not confusing.


4. Simplification

By 2020, the range of the Mazda6 restricted to two very well equipped versions that essentially differ by their mechanics: I Grand Touring and Signature. The latter being the supercharged 2.5 engine of 228 horses, 310 lb-ft and extra details in terms of finishes, comfort and driving assistance, ranging from softer Nappa skin , ventilated seats forward, alert and maintenance due to involuntary lane change or automatic passage of medium to high lights (or vice versa) according to traffic and / or darkness of the surroundings. The difference is 120,000 pesos, that is, $ 469,900 for a GT and $ 589,900 for the Signature (as of October 2019).

Mazda6 2020

5. Of the little pending

One of the upgradable points in the Mazda6 is its transmission so that it does not work badly at all for speed and smoothness. With only six changes, it could take better advantage of the available power plants, which we indicate because rivals such as a Camry or an Accord can have eight speeds up. At least you don’t use a CVT.


6. The one who started an era

The Mazda6 is a very special model for the Japanese brand, because at a time very before its arrival, so they characterized by the good handling and technical proposal of their products. They did not offer a value-added as evident about larger manufacturers such as Honda or the healthy Mitsubishi of the late nineties. This result was when the “zoom-zoom” philosophy was born from a brilliant marketing mind, which, to the engineering work of driving more involved with an enthusiastic customer, added a pleasant and aspirational design. The 6 (Atenza in Japan) was the first Mazda car to apply these principles, and the rest is history.


7. Promising future

Almost two decades after the first Mazda6, which replaced 626, the future seems very interesting. In the middle of the decline of medium sedans, which continue to sell well but losing ground to the most desired SUVs, Mazda still believes in that emotional side of the car. And that is why he decided to develop a rear propulsion platform (RWD) and a six-cylinder in-line engine, a formula that sings to a German luxury car, but now it is the Japanese who want to do it, only in their way. It does not know in what they will use the new architecture, but a candidate could be a new six and, they say, even a Coupé, but none of the latter is official.

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