Mazda’s first electric car in the Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda3 2019 Lis0026

In the 90s, the then German Minister of Environment and current Foreign Minister Angela Merkel, together with the French and Italian governments, began conversations with car manufacturers to build what they would end up baptizing as LEM (Light Electric Mobile). The reason was none other than to force them to make an effort to get 10% of the cars to go to the side of electrification by the year 2000.

With 20,000 German marks, the equivalent of just over 10,000 euros of the time, and about 17,000 euros today, the Mazda Carol Electric Vehicle created. Christian Schultze, director of R&D technology research at Mazda Motor Europe, who was a young engineer at the time, contacted students at the University of Darmstadt in Germany to help build an electrical prototype.

Although it seems difficult to believe, Schultze’s initial idea was to transform one towards zero-emission mechanics. Still, the company’s senior officials felt that the small Japanese two-seater should not have chosen. Instead, the engineer received a second-generation red Mazda Carol (1989-1994), a small car belonging to the Kei car segment based on the contemporary Suzuki Alto.

Mazda's first electric car

The goal to create a usable urban car with four seats, so the batteries had to fit under the seats and the engine compartment. It was not fast in any way, with only 36 HP of power and a maximum speed of around 100 km / h, but the car was usable and ended up winning prizes and races, including the Monte Carlo Rally for electric vehicles. We don’t know what autonomy he had.

Mazda would already be working on his first electric car. This zero-emission car officially presented during the Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda presented its first electric car during the Tokyo Motor Show. Some sources assured that a fully electric model and one with an autonomy extender are likely to reach the market. The brand itself has long defended driving dynamics as a core competency. His slogan reminded him of ‘Driving Matters? ‘, but the automaker will immerse its feet in the new world of electric cars next October.

The Japanese car company used the next Tokyo Motor Show in October to present its first electric car. The first electric Mazda, still nameless, according to reports, arrived as a pure electric vehicle and with an internal combustion engine with extended autonomy, as some sources report. These publications have appointed a Japanese spokesman who confirmed the news.

Mazda3 2019 Lis0026

A Mazda representative confirmed that a battery-powered electric vehicle would debut in Tokyo, but a model with an autonomy extender did mention. The spokesman also did not confirm the body style or the powertrain specifications but said it would be a new model and did base on a current Mazda vehicle. It seemed a well-educated assumption that this would be a crossover or SUV of compact proportions. The world cannot have enough utility vehicles.

Mazda begins its electrification

The rumors of an electric car by Mazda are not new, and already in the middle of last August, we could see how a prototype was circulating in Norway with a look very similar to the Mazda CX-5, the SUV of the Japanese. Since there was no official information, we would not know until the moment of its presentation if it would be an adaptation to electrical of that model, or if they are only tests that hide underneath a more daring design.

Logic told us that Mazda should reach the market with a new model, something tangible and capable of competing with the best of other brands that seem to be breaking with its past. That is, launching vehicles with a different design, more daring and radical ideas that marked a before and after regarding diesel or gasoline engines.

Mazda3 2019 Lis0026

Mazda3 2019 Lis0019

And, there is no doubt, is that Mazda seeks to have an electrician in the market next year capable of competing with the other brands that were already showing how they want their future to be. After all, the Japanese say it would be between 2030 and 2035 when most of their vehicles are completely electric or hybrid. What we were sure of is that the future will be electric, and that is why it perfectly understood that Mazda with 912 led bulb foglight was taking positions in the face of that coming battle.

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