How to Change Vehicle Battery in Mazda 6

Change Vehicle Battery

Never one to miss an opportunity to show a simple home DIY car upkeep tip for your guys, I figured changing a car battery would be a great simple one that you should all understand how to do. Usually, car batteries require replacement after roughly three years.

Change Vehicle Battery

Replace any battery covers if suitable and close the hood. Change any battery covers if relevant and close the hood. Rather than under the hood or in the trunk, some cars come equipped with their battery under the back seat. When the battery is free, raise it out of its seat and place it out of your method. However, my own was old and I figured changing it was the very best way to go. Now, let’s do it.

Change Vehicle Battery

Do this with a spanner by eliminating the negative terminal first (which is anchored to the black wire) and then the positive terminal (red). Utilizing a wrench, loosen up and eliminate the mount that holds the negative battery cable onto the battery. Using the appropriate sized socket and ratchet, re-install the Battery Hold Down to ensure the battery is protected to the vehicle.

And then, the battery likewise likely has anti-corrosion washers. Before you attach the terminal cables, use a layer of anti-corrosion grease. Tip: If necessary, before removing the battery wire, label each side so you do not mix up positive and negative.

Change Vehicle Battery

After that, don’t touch any other metal part of the car with your wrench as you tighten the connection. It’s best to use gloves, and never let the wrench touch any other metal part of the car. Safely take out the battery from the car – Removing the battery is an exercise and is the most challenging part of the change.

Place the battery back into its holder, making certain the positive and negative terminals are dealing with the right direction, and after that reinstall, the clamp or strap used to hold the battery in place. Clean the battery terminals – With the battery out, it is then essential to wipe the battery terminals.

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