How to Change Mazda 3 Front Fog Lights to LEDs

I’m going to quickly show you guys what the halogen bulbs look like and then we’ll jump onto the LEDs install process. It’s gonna be really simple just pop off the frame for the fog lights then I’m gonna unscrew the fog lights and then just switch the bulbs should be a really quick and easy process. I’ll show you each step first off getting that DRL black plastic is a popped off.

Disconnect the negative and then pop the fog light unit off with a flathead screwdriver. Next up there’s a whole plastic chunk, I’ll get in a little bit closer whole plastic unit to take this whole thing out, it’s just three spoons. Once you have those three screws out the foglight unit pops out and this is what we’re gonna be working with, take the fog light eye. Twist the fog light assembly off, but there’s a clip on the backside,  take a screwdriver to peel them up and then pull out the fog light.

Take the H9 LED fog light bulb and try a test, fit it and the bulb does fit in the fog light assembly. Plug the connector in the back where we unplug the other bulb and then screw it all back together. Before we move on and screw everything back, plug the battery back on and test these lights out to make sure the polarity is correct.

The light does work, it is very bright. There’s kind of a couple areas that they’re a bit brighter than others that’s just because it is in a reflector lens. This isn’t a get set up for LEDs but because it’s just fog lights aimed at the ground, it’s not super bad, it’s not gonna be blinding other drivers.

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