How to Change Mazda 3 Headlight Bulbs to LEDs

I have my mazda3 and today I replace those standard incandescent headlight bulbs with LED light bulbs.

This is the LED versions look, they’re the biggest difference is yonder or Durante.

Opening up the hood and taking a look here on the passenger’s side. Remove the connector from the light bulb and then release rubber gasket, it is a protection piece.

There will be a little clip, that have to push into and if you have trouble removing this clip, we’re getting it in the upper right corner. The bulb pick out.

For the replacement H7 LED bulbs, install these baseless first.

In order to do that, just pull really heavily on the metal ring, just pull that off and then put the spacer on top of it. Reinstall this ring again, make sure that you check out where this little hole here is and then their-selves counterparty on this ring. Make sure that those match when putting this back on uses.

Install this together spacer has the same thickness as the original plastic piece. When we install it, make sure that we put this in the right location because these little pins sticking out. Put this in the housing and actually, this is pretty difficult. Here is the metal-plastic spacer and then there’s the clip, the metal clip that fits in position and hold stuff.

When plug in the wiring, it still need a adapter to use that for a deal between the headlight bulb and the harness.

You can already see the difference. The incandescent is much more yellow than the new LED.

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