The Guide to Change Oil in Mazda 6 Grand Touring

Before we get started, here’s everything I’m going to use.


Tools Required:

  • A pair of ramps (or you can use the floor jack and jack stands)
  • A pair of wheel chocks
  • Something to lie down on like a mechanic’s creeper or some cardboard
  • Disposable gloves
  • Paper towels
  • A Philips head screwdriver
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A torque wrench set between 23- and 30-foot pounds
  • An eight-millimeter hex bit socket
  • Plier
  • A small oil filter wrench
  • An oil drain pan
  • Mazda6 oil filter
  • A mazda6 drain plug gasket

The procedure as below:

1, Elevate the front of the car,

2, Place the chops behind the rear tires,

3, There’s a plastic shield under the front of the car and covering the oil drain plug in the oil filter. Remove the two metal Phillips head screws in the front and pry off the plastic clip at the back,

4, Unclip the plastic shield,

5, Slide the drain pan and heads,

6, Use the hex fit socket to remove the oil drain plug,

7, Move the oil filter using the oil filter wrench, mine was slipping a little bit so I had to use a rubber band, next time I’m going to use a specific oil filter wrench. I try not to make a big mess.

8, Use pliers to remove the used oil drain plug gasket,

9, Add the new drain plug gasket to the drain plug,

10, Remove the plastic wrapping on the oil filter;

11, Pre-fill the oil filter with motor oil, letting the oil filters soak up as much oil as possible;

12, After letting the oil drain out, reinstall the oil drain plug using the hex Pitt socket and the torque wrench,

13, Screw in the new oil filter,

14, Pop open the hood, unclip the engine cover, remove the oil cap and pour in roughly 4.7 to 4.8 quarts of oil.

15, After fielding the oil, check the oil level. Mine’s a little low so I’m going to add some more oil,

16, Don’t forget to put the oil filter cap back on when you’re done,

17, Start the engine and check for any leaks,

18, Clip the engine cover back on, reinstall the plastic shield underneath the car.


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