The Guide to Replace Cabin Air Filter on Mazda 6 (03-08)

The cabin filter is behind the glove box. What we need to do is open the glove box and remove the glove box so that we could get access to the filter and replace it.


How I did it:

1, First, open the glove box, unclip the dampener cord on side of the glove box;

2, Press inward on the sides of the glovebox to disengage the stops and allow it to swing all the way down;

3, Remove the filter housing cover by unlatching it at the bottom;

4, Pull the old filter straight out to remove it;

5, Slide the new filter into the housing with its air flow indicator arrow pointing down;

6, Reinstall the housing cover and be sure it is securely hooked at the top and latched at the bottom;

7, Pull the dampener cord back out of the dash and hold on to it while you partially close the glove box to re-engage the stops;

8, Reconnect the dampener cord clip to the side of the glovebox.

Need to note that, Please make sure you put in the new filter the right way, with the arrow pointing in the direction of the airflow. It will not go in straight; you have to angle it for part of the travel into the compartment.




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