What Are the Best Replacement Headlight Bulbs?

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The most important factor in determining the shape and size of the LED light bulb is the light source itself, so it called a led chip. LEDs are square, rectangular, and cylindrical in size, from fractions of a millimeter to several millimeters.

Each LED has its luminous flux. It is achieving the required amount of light emitted by the bulb by increasing the number of LEDs in it.

To ensure the correct distribution of the light flux, sometimes special metal is used in a 9005 LED bulb that blocks one or more diodes.

Also, the dimensions of the bulb size are greatly affected by the bulb cooling system. For the operation of any LED, a “driver” required a special microcircuit, which noticeably heats up during operation. So that the driver does not overheat and does not fail, the cooling system could passive or active.

Some LEDs require a small microcircuit that does not heat much, and a passive cooling system is sufficient for its normal operation. A passive cooling system consists of an aluminum heat sink or several copper braids.

For other LEDs that require a powerful and very warm-up “driver,” a passive cooling system is not enough. For normal operation of the bulb with such LEDs, a special fan (cooler) built into its design is approximately the same as in computers. The presence of a cooler in the bulb significantly complicate its design, increases the size and cost.

car headlight

Design features of bulbs H4

To understand which LED bulbs will work correctly on a car with halogen headlights, you need to know how a led headlight works. The headlights for the H4 bulb have only one reflector, which works both for the high beams and low beam. In the H4 halogen bulb, two light-emitting strands integrated and the involvement of low beam or high beam switching by turning on the first or second filament.

One of the main problems that occur is the incorrect distribution of the light beam when installing hid bulbs in the headlights. As a result, the blindness of oncoming drivers.

As a rule, this is because the location of the light sources in the hid bulbs does not correspond to their location in the standard H4 halogen bulbs. A mismatch of just a couple of millimeters is already a big difference on the final light beam.

car headlight

Types and factors of LED bulbs h4

LED bulbs for h4 low and high beam cars, depending on the price and manufacturer, can differ significantly from each other.
– In the dimensions and shape of the LED bulb;
– In the type of light-emitting sources, their location and the number of units used;
– In designs and type of cooling system.

As for the shape of the product, they can be very diverse. The items found with faces in an amount of from 2 to 4. The number of faces directly affects the beam angle of LEDs.

According to studies, it concluded that not all bulb designs are equally effective. Much depends on how it designed and what shape this or that light source has. Those designs in which the LEDs arranged in the same way as the filaments in halogen models produce the best light beam.

As for the installed LED parts, their number can vary from 2 to 18 units. And the power can be from 4 to 50 watts. If we talk about power, it is, the better the cooling system should install in the h4 LED bulb.

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