How to Prepare Your Car for the Holy Week

Holy Week

The first holidays arrive after Christmas, and the desire to leave and escape momentarily from the routine, so have everything ready this Holy Week!

Any precaution is shortly before traveling, so the first step to enjoying driving this bridge is to make a complete review of your car.

Holy Week

What points should check in the car before your Easter holidays?

  • Wiper.  How long have you not reviewed? The brushes must be in good condition because they are dates where there may be bad weather.
  • Lights.  It is essential that the lights are well regulated and that there is no melting! The visibility on the road is essential for your safety.
  • Liquid levels.  We talked about checking the level of oil, antifreeze, and glass cleaner liquid, especially if we go to mountain areas or have an amazing time in the snow.
  • Brakes. To avoid unnecessary scares while driving, check the condition of both the pads and the brake fluid.

Holy Week

  • Battery.  An optimal load level will avoid the risk of being thrown in the middle of the road.
  • Dampers. If they are not in proper condition, driving will be much more uncomfortable, and safety will be significantly compromised.
  • Tires.  They are the only element that joins us to the road, so before going on a trip, you have to check that they did not wear and that they have adequate pressure.

Holy Week

Before going on a trip, you have to look at the sky

We always prefer that during these dates the weather accompanies and we can enjoy our getaways to the fullest.

Keep in mind some useful tips for driving on rainy days such as moderating speed, turning on the low beam, or respecting safety distance. If there is ice or snow on the road, it is important not to break or change direction sharply and avoid overtaking other vehicles.

A large number of trips expected during Holy Week is likely to cause retentions, traffic jams, and a lot of movement on the road. So, patience! Enjoy the trip, the views, and those who accompany you.

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