How to Drive Your Car in Rain Day

drive in rain

The weather in Spain has changed dramatically, and during these days rains are occurring in much of the country. Is your car ready?

Just as we prepare the vehicle for long trips or the summer months, it is also very important to check that the car is in perfect condition to cope with the rain. It is precise with rain when caution should increase and when the car subjected to weather conditions. The lights, tires, brakes put to the test. We tell you what the ten key elements that must be taken care of in the days with heavy rain are.

drive in rain

Ten keys to preparing your car for rain

1. It is important to have all the fluids at optimum levels (oil, power steering, brake fluid) and especially the antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. We recommend a specific windshield washer for winter if you are going to go to very cold areas. The rain that falls on the windshield sometimes mixed with mud, so it is very important to be constantly cleaning it.

To improve visibility, we recommend the application of a rain repellent on the windshield of the car. It is a product with a hydrophobic effect that ensures that the raindrops do not impregnate in the glass.

2. In this line, it is important to check the condition of the brushes. They are responsible for removing water and dirt from the windshield. You have to check both the front and rear brushes.

drive in rain

3. The tires are vital and must be in good condition, in addition to the correct pressure. Norauto remembers that the minimum drawing they should have is 1.6 mm, but it recommended that it be 3 or 4 mm and that the pressure should indicate by the manufacturer taking into account the load.

4. On many occasions, rain can turn into snow. For this reason, it must verify that snow chains carried, whether metallic or textile. Without a doubt, a good option with low temperatures is to wear winter tires.

5. Check the status of the lights, both the position and the crossing, long-range, fog lights, brake lights, and turn signals. From Norauto, it recommended carrying the low beam lights on all day, especially on rainy days, as visibility markedly reduced.

6. With low temperatures, the braking distance extended. Therefore, we must check the condition of the brake pads and discs, as well as the suspension dampers. We recommend that these points be reviewed by a mechanic professional.

7. In winter, the batteries suffer especially, so it is advisable to check their condition and tweezers or a charger.

drive in rain

8. Another of the big problems is the fogging of the crystals. You have to check the air conditioning and air conditioning and cabin filter. If the car has an automatic anti-fogging system, verify that it works correctly.

9. Check the steering; you must go properly and in tune with the tires. In the rain, it is important not to lose control of the vehicle.

10. Lastly, check that all the necessary documentation and the main safety elements in the event of a breakdown carried in the vehicle, such as two reflective triangles of danger signaling and at least one vest.

Remember that preparing your car for weather changes is essential for your safety.

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