How to Stay Warm in Car While Driving in Winter

driving in winter

The cold is here! In this post, you will find tips for your car to suffer less cold this winter.

Check the tires; their condition is very important!

The tires are the only element that connects our car with the asphalt, so being in good condition is essential.

If you live in a place where temperatures fall during winter (below 10ºC), your best option is winter tires, which offer better traction against asphalts with rain, snow, and ice.

The battery also suffers in winter

The batteries of the cars are one of the elements that suffer more with falling temperatures. Battery life ranges from four to six years, and it is the older women who are most likely to discharge suddenly during the cold months. If yours is more than four years old, we recommend you check it.

driving in winter

The antifreeze liquid can freeze

If the level of the antifreeze liquid is not adequate, with the arrival of the cold, the radiator water may freeze. The easiest? Check the liquid levels with the arrival of the low temperatures.

Watch out for the rain

During the winter months, it is more than likely that you will have to drive with rain on occasion. In these cases, it is best to reduce speed, maintain safety distance, and above all, try to avoid the aquaplaning effect. Remember that if your car suffers a slip caused by aquaplaning, you should gently lift the foot of the accelerator and hold the steering wheel firmly.

driving in winter

By the way, check the condition of the windshield wipers

With bad weather, the use of windshield wipers assured. Therefore, it is also necessary that you check its status so that it does not catch you off guard. If when you use them, they make a strange noise, surely it is time to change them. Another sign of windshield wiper wear is when they leave a trail of water or dirt on the glass.

Attentive to the braking system

You should know that with the rain, the braking distance gets to double. A review of the discs and pads, including brake fluid, can save you some trouble while driving.

driving in winter

The lighting in perfect condition

As you know, winter has fewer hours of light, and it is during these months when the lighting charges an important role to see. A correct state of the lights will allow us to circulate with the certainty that the other vehicles see you, in addition to illuminating the darkest roads and roads during your journeys.

The final advice is for professionals to check your vehicle and check the condition of the main components. Remember that driving safety should be your top priority while driving.

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