How to Prepare a Summer Trip With Your Pet

Travel with your pet

Summer is coming, and how not the much-desired vacation. But what about your pet? In 2018, 104,688 dogs and cats collected. 35% of dogs abandoned during the summer months, according to the annual report of the Affinity Foundation. In Norauto, we make it easy for you to take your pet on vacation with you in the most comfortable way possible. That’s why we have compiled five essential items for you to travel with your pet this summer!

Travel with your pet


1.Travel bottle, ideal for walks, car trips, camping, and excursions to the beach. It is also 2 in 1! Serve as a bottle and container at the same time so you can take it everywhere and keep your pet hydrated. Its capacity is 500ml.

2. Seat belt, so that your pet travels safely! There are different alternatives, depending on the size of your pet. Large dogs can go with the belt in the back by adding a safety net to avoid contact with the front of the car. The little ones can opt for a carrier that placed on the belt with an adapter.

Travel with your pet

3. Glove cleans hairs so that your car looks like new around the corner. With a glove, you can quickly remove the hair from the upholstery of your car, and it will also help you at home!

4. Feeder and travel drinker, so that your dog eats wherever you are. Our travel feeder made of extra resistant and foldable silicone. You can easily transport and store it and put it in the dishwasher without a problem.

Travel with your pet

5. Don’t forget the toys! A ball is essential to travel with your dog to the beach or the mountain and enjoy the outdoors. Can you imagine not having to bend over and touch the ball full of mud? We have the solution; a catapult throws balls!

In Norauto, we have many more accessories for you to enjoy your pet during the holidays.

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