How to Keep Your Car in the Good States


In the early hours of Saturday, October 26 to Sunday 27, the time change starts, and we give way to wintertime. This result forces us to delay the clocks by one hour, at three o’clock in the morning it will be two o’clock, and it has an impact on both the social and working life of the people since for many it will be at night both in the awakening and, for example when leaving work.

This time change also affects our road safety and the important role that lights play in all these movements. During winter, the hours of sunlight reduced, so being visible as well as having good visibility takes on a prominent role on the road.


Lights: five tips to follow with the time change

1. Check that all car lights are in perfect condition and that there is no fade. Check the position, low (short), road (long), front and rear fog lights, reverse, emergency, and turn signal lights. Keep in mind that in addition to being useful and necessary in the hours of less light, they are also important in case of adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or fog.

2. You must also check its correct level so as not to produce glare in other vehicles.

3. If your car has daytime running lights, you don’t have to worry about turning them on just after taking the car, something that you have to take into account if you don’t have them. In this case, you must turn on the traffic lights. Although it is not mandatory, we recommend you keep them on all day to be more visible and see better. The DGT estimates that fatalities on the road would be reduced by 10% during the day. The latest available data from 2016 indicate that the lack of light was present in a total of 7,413 accidents with victims.


4. It is important to choose well the type of light that the vehicle will have. There are different options:

  • The LED headlights offer great lighting and low energy consumption. However, its replacement must do in a workshop.
  • The Xenon headlights provide a wider field of vision, with clearer light and far-reaching. It offers up to three times more light than a halogen. Besides, it consumes less power and has a longer life.
  • The halogen lights are the most common and have been the most used for years. They have a shorter lifespan and offer less lighting.
  • The laser projectors are beginning to be used as support for a normal headlights light reaching.


5. Of course, the lights must approve. It is useless to put any light on the car. You are putting both your safety and other users at risk.

Finally, we remind you that changing the lights is not an easy task in many car models, especially the newer ones. And, according to the manufacturer, it may even be necessary to disassemble the headlight completely. Hence the need, in many cases, to go to a professional who can change the lights for new ones with total security.

It is important to periodically check the operating status of all vehicle lights so that your car journeys are safer for you and other drivers and pedestrians.

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