Do You Know What is the Start-stop Battery

Start-Stop battery

In the next few years, approximately 90% of all new cars will incorporate Start-Stop technology, a system that reduces fuel consumption and emissions by turning off engines at idle. It is a particularly useful system in large cities, where traffic jams and the traffic itself make the vehicle stop constantly. It is very important to have adequate batteries so that the vehicle can perform this function without problems.

Stop, turn off, start and accelerate the vehicle: it is a great job for the car, which must do it constantly. The Start-Stop system has specific batteries that guarantee that the system works correctly.

Start-Stop battery

Five key points of the Start-Stop battery

1.  The battery is the heart of the car, especially in this system. Keep in mind that it supplies power to the entire car, from ignition to on-board entertainment systems. The battery ensures a constant supply to the rest of the functions during the Start-Stop process. Its function goes beyond turning off and starting the car. Since it must maintain the operation of the rest of the systems during the shutdown.

2. The battery of a normal car is not the same as that of a car with the Start-Stop system. They are special batteries, with more capacity and more powerful. They are called EFB batteries, when the car only has the function of stopping and starting the vehicle, or AGM, those of hybrid cars, which take advantage of braking to recharge. In this case, the regenerative braking allows partially converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electrical energy, which then transferred to the battery.

Start-Stop battery

3. It is necessary to know if the car has this system to choose the right battery for the car. If unknown, it recommended to consult the vehicle manual or talk to a mechanic for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4.  If the battery of this type of car discharged, the clamps cannot connect to another vehicle that does not have the Start-Stop system. The system to connect the clamps is different.

Start-Stop battery

5.  It did not recommend that a non-professional person change the battery of the Start-Stop system. To make a correct change, you must use special equipment and have the necessary knowledge. For this reason, it is advisable to go to specialized mechanics.

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