How to install ambient lighting in a 2018 Mazda Pt1

I am going to fit ambient lighting to the cx-5 now if you have a minister with the MCD connect system this procedure will probably work or your car as well so doesn’t you don’t have to have a cx-5 in order to make this work

Pull up on this Center in the side thing, and pull up the other side

Pull and pry edit to get this up

Make sure the black one is ground and the red is live, so always make sure when you connecting your wires up

Hook this initial wire up go in here with the green, the black wire connect to a bolt

I’ve run the wire along the side I’ve tucked it in there and then it’s gonna come out the bottom over

Put this thing back, I’m just going to tuck that in there all we have to do is we just clip those things back into place and it’s in its place

turn on the headlights, you can see there now looking from here , now I’m going to do the foot wells alright

It’s really just a nice ambient in the cabin now

I think that was a successful result, I definitely got the result I wanted. The foot wells are not too bright I didn’t want them to bright, and the center console is nice and bright. It wasn’t exactly what I was thinking about in my mind. This is the only way that I could actually get some kind of center console ambient lighting in the car, but I think the result is great.

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